Réalisation d'un clip pour la mise en valeur d'une villa aux accents exotiques sur La Baule.

Tournage / Shooting / Réalisation / Motion Design / Post-production / Montage  / Audio
Client - Privé
These attractive interiors belong to a beautiful villa located in La Baule in the southern Brittany, France. On a background dominated by darker and a little cold earth tones, the usage of brightly colored pillows and accessories breath into the space much joy and energy. This game of colors eliminates any trace of monotony. The specific of the traditional masks on the walls and decorative statues reveal the influence of the African culture. The same influence is noticed in the shaded patio which is connected to the lounge area through sliding doors. Give yourself a minute to look at these interiors and enjoy the photos taken by Steven Baconnais in this wonderful house!

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